Venezuela says Colombia is lying about the documents.
Colombia had apologised to Ecuador for the pre-dawn Sunday raid on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia [Farc] camp that killed Raul Reyes, a senior leader of the long-running uprising.
Rafael Correa, the Ecuadorean president, rejected the apology.
He arrived in Peru on Tuesday to start a five-nation tour of the region - including Venezuela - to lobby for support against what he calls a premeditated violation of sovereignty by Colombia.
"This is not a bilateral problem, it's a regional problem," Correa told Mexican television.
"Should this set a precedent, Latin America will become another Middle East."
US backing
Latin American countries have scrambled to defuse the crisis, which deepened after Venezuela and Ecuador sent troops to their borders with Colombia.
Venezuela stopped trade with Colombia at some border points on Tuesday after expelling Colombia's ambassador and embassy officials from its capital, Caracas, on Monday.
Ecuador has cut diplomatic ties with Colombia entirely.
An emergency session of the 34-member Organization of American States was to take place in Washington later on Tuesday in a bid to calm rising tensions.
Colombia has said its raid on the rebel camp was an "autonomous operation," but admitted US intelligence was crucial.
Washington has supplied Bogota with five billion dollars under Plan Colombia since 2000, which is said be to fight drug trafficking.
But much of the money has gone to combating the Farc, which profits from the narcotics trade and kidnappings, and which is considered a "terrorist organisation" by the US and the EU.