Brazil tackles dengue outbreak

More than 30,000 cases of the fever have been reported across the state of Rio.

    Eighty new cases of infection are reported every
    hour [AFP]

    Patients' complaints
    Officials have also opened a crisis centre for officials from the state and federal governments and the armed forces to co-ordinate prevention efforts.
    Temporao said the armed forces are to set up field hospitals in the city to receive dengue patients, Reuters reported.
    Three hydration tents have also been opened to help treat victims, who frequently suffer from dehydration, AP reported.
    Dengue can incapacitate patients for over a week with severe headaches and joint pains, but is not usually fatal. There is no vaccine.
    Several patients complained of having to wait in line for hours for treatment and said there weren't enough doctors to assist patients.
    "It's absurd, many people are feeling terrible here and they do nothing for us," one patient told Reuters news agency.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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