Peru seizes 'toxic' toys

Police find thousands of boxes of smuggled Chinese-made toys containing lead.

    More than 60 tonnes of toys were seized from
    a warehouse in central Lima [AFP]
    There have been a number of health scares around a range of Chinese-made products in recent months, from toys painted with lead-based paints, toxic toothpaste ingredients to faulty tires, pet food and seafood.

    In the United States there have been several recalls of Chinese-made toys, including 970,000 recalled last month by Fisher-Price and 1.5 million wooden "Thomas the Train" figures by RC2 Corp.

    In Peru, Chinese-made toys have steadily increased their share of the market from 56.5 per cent in 2000 to 78.1 per cent last year, when the imports were valued at $45.4m, according to a study by the Catholic University's Business Centre.

    Earlier this week, Peru recalled all Fisher-Price toys in the country after the distributor announced its recall in the United States.

    Beijing said on Wednesday that it was spending more than $1bn dollars on strengthening the supervision of its food and drug industries.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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