UN says kidnapped employee freed in CAR

Abduction in capital Bangui happened a day after French charity worker and churchman were seized in the same city.

    UN says kidnapped employee freed in CAR
    CAR sank into religious bloodletting following the overthrow of the president in 2013 [AP]

    The UN peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic has said that a female employee, who was earlier abducted in the capital Bangui, has been freed, the UN said on Twitter.

    The abduction earlier on Tuesday came a day after a French charity worker and a churchman were seized in an area of the city controlled by anti-balaka fighters.

    There were no other details about the release.

    Earlier, Hamadoun Toure, UN spokesman in Bangui, told Al Jazeera that he did not know why the international body had been targeted.

    "We are not part of the conflict," he said.

    The country sank into chaos when the mainly Muslim Seleka rebel umbrella group seized power in the majority Christian state in March 2013, topping President Francois Bozize.

    A backlash from the mostly Christian or animist "anti-balaka" group led to violence that has killed thousands and displaced around one million people.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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