Scores dead in attack on Sunni mosque in Iraq
Shia armed group kills at least 73 people inside place of worship in the city of Baquba in eastern Diyala province.
Security official in Gaza says some of the suspected informers had previously been sentenced by Gaza courts.
Ukrainian state security chief says move is a "direct invasion by Russia of Ukraine" as trucks move towards Luhansk.
US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel says Islamic State group has an "apocalyptic" vision and that it must be defeated.
Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi tells forces to brace for escalation as rebel deadline for his government to quit expires.
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101 East22 Aug 2014 14:03 GMT
101 East delves into Korea's plastic surgery craze and uncovers the real price of pursuing physical perfection.
People & Power21 Aug 2014 18:48 GMT
As Myanmar emerges slowly from five decades of dictatorship, will it ever catch up with its more prosperous neighbours?
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