Life returns to Gaza as truce holds
Both sides claim the indefinite truce as a "victory", but Netanyahu faces criticism in Israel over the offensive.
Afghan presidential candidate accuses auditors of refusing to throw out fraudulent ballot papers and demands probe.
IMF chief and ex-finance minister in Nicolas Sarkozy's government faces probe over role in pay-out deal to businessman.
A day after Russia-Ukraine talks, Ukrainian army claims "up to 100" tanks and heavy weaponry crossed border from Russia.
Douglas McCain, a one-time aspiring rapper from California, reported killed in fighting against al-Nusra Front forces.
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Inside Story26 Aug 2014 21:42 GMT
The United Arab Emirates is accused of secretly bombing Tripoli with the help of Egypt.
Fault Lines27 Aug 2014 13:07 GMT
Fault Lines travels to Caracas to find out what is really going on in the streets of a deeply polarised nation.
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