In 1997, Patrick Fungele (he declined to give his real name) was a 22-year-old Congolese student studying Languages and Pedagogy at the Institut Supérieur de Mbandaka, in the city of Mbandaka in western Democratic Republic of Congo.

One of nine children from a middle-class family, Patrick and his relatives had recently moved from the capital, Kinshasa, to Mbandaka where their father, who is a minister, had been relocated.

Today, Patrick lives in the city of Den Haag in the Netherlands, with his Rwandan wife he saved from the killings, and their two young children.

With the publication of the UN report concluding that the alleged crimes carried out by Rwanda's armed forces against Hutu refugees in the DRC could be classified as genocide, Patrick recalls the memories of the bloodbath he said he witnessed in Mbandaka, one of the towns mapped in the UN document.

This is his story.


Malika Bilal contributed to this story

Source: Al Jazeera