Essebsi declares win in landmark Tunisia vote
Veteran secular politician Beji Caid Essebsi swiftly claims victory but rival camp says it's still too close to call.
Pyongyang's threats underscore its sensitivity in row over allegations it hacked Sony Pictures to prevent movie release.
Peshmerga forces expand a major offensive against ISIL while also delivering aid to Yazidi refugees on Mount Sinjar.
Oil-rich Gulf states vow not to cut oil production, despite a glut in global supplies and plummeting oil prices.
Top official fends off criticism, saying new 'anti-terror' law is better than Washington's counter-'terrorism' measures.
Family members of victims of drone strikes in the country say justice has not been done.
Women traumatised by the summer war say stress-reduction techniques, such as yoga, are helping them cope.
Despair, confusion and disbelief runs through small community in northwestern Cambodia hit by surge in HIV infections.
Anger simmers and grief all too fresh, but for the residents of Peshawar, school attack is just more of the same.
Zehra Abid
Since 2001, far-flung Indonesian province has enforced its version of Islamic law, using floggings to punish offenders.
Shift in US domestic politics, collapse in oil prices, and international pressure led to end of Cuba isolation.
Left to their own devices, tens of thousands of Polish women travel abroad to terminate unwanted pregnancies.
Study finds in addition to gender disparity and poverty, natural disasters such as floods increase early marriage.
Rohini Mohan
Fault Lines20 Dec 2014 13:13 GMT
Fault Lines returns to Ferguson to investigate why black communities feel targeted by law enforcement.
Talk to Al Jazeera20 Dec 2014 13:10 GMT
A Norwegian surgeon who worked in Gaza shares his experiences during the latest Israeli offensive on the besieged Strip.
Workers in Jordan and Lebanon, who come mainly from South Asian nations, overcome adversity to help themselves.
Mostly children among the 130 dead at Peshawar school after Pakistan Taliban attack.
Demonstrators marched from Freedom Plaza and converged on Capitol Hill as a part of the 'Justice for All' rally.
As Christmas tourists begin to arrive in the city, craftspeople are hoping that a difficult year will end well.
Turnout for parliamentary elections appeared to be low as concerns about Ebola kept many voters at away from ballot box.
Police Union leader blames recent protests against police killings for the shooting dead of two officers in New York.
Gaza crossing to stay open for two days to allow sick residents to seek treatment and foreign nationals to leave.
Iraq's Peshmerga fighters facing stiff resistance from ISIL as they attempt to break the group's siege of Mount Sinjar.
Peru threatens legal action against Greenpeace for causing "irreparable damage" to a UNESCO world heritage site.
Vaccine shown to reduce the rate of new infections in country with the highest number of HIV and AIDS sufferers.
Many had abandoned hospitals and clinics for fear of contracting virus that has wrecked havoc in West Africa.
Refugees who fled civil war hope to start new life in Europe, but resettlement is a lengthy and difficult process.
Al Jazeera's guide to who's who among the top ranks of the Pakistani Taliban.
For the first time members of Kenya's counter-terrorism police admit to "eliminating" suspected Muslim radicals.
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A photographic exploration of the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides.

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