Chad accuses Sudan of armed assault

Khartoum denies charge, two days after both countries agreed to end feud.

    A deal was reached  in Doha last Sunday to
    end hostilities between Chad and Sudan [AFP]

    "What is happening now inside Chad is between the Chadian army and the Chadian fighters," Osman al-Agbash, the Sudanese army spokesman, said.

    "Sudan has no relation with this".

    Doha talks.

    After the talks in Doha on Sunday, Sudan and Chad struck a deal to end hostilities and arrange a summit between their leaders in a move seen as vital for peace-making efforts in Darfur in western Sudan.

    Diplomats have been keen to secure a thaw in relations between Khartoum and Ndjamena, the Chadian capital.

    They regard it as essential to any lasting settlement to the six-year-old uprising in Darfur that has spilled over into Chad and the Central African Republic.

    Qatar and Libya have been leading reconciliation efforts between Chad and Sudan after they restored diplomatic ties in November.

    Chad and Sudan accuse each other of arming anti-government fighters within their territories.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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