SADC moves to help Zimbabwe

Southern African bloc to spearhead relief effort and help country fight cholera.

    Kgalema Motlanthe said the joint effort to help Zimbabwe should not be politicised [Reuters]

    Motlanthe said all countries in the 15-member bloc were expected to contribute to the campaign with their resources.
    He said the campaign was about aid and not dealing with Zimbabwe's political crisis.
    "This is not political work, this relief work is not to be politicised, it's done on a humanitarian basis. So the mandate of this structure is really to ensure that the  relief is distributed fairly to all deserving Zimbabweans," he said."

    "It is not to deal with the political challenges, those will be handled by the inclusive government once it [the inclusive government] is in place. They will have the authority to deal with all challenges on the political  front."
    The United Nations estimated this week nearly 1,000 people had died in a cholera epidemic that has affected over 18,000 in Zimbabwe, compounding the country's woes which include inflation of 231 million per cent and a political crisis.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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