Kenyan opposition wants fresh vote

Odinga shifts stand two days after saying he will not demand president's resignation.

    UN envoy Holmes visited refugee camps on Saturday to assess the situation [AFP]

    Odinga, leader of the Orange Democratic Movement, spoke in East Africa's common language of Swahili at the funeral of an opposition politician killed in the violence.
    Only two days previously, Odinga said in the capital Nairobi that he would not insist on Kibaki's resignation, asserting "we are willing to give and take".
    UN envoy
    Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general who is mediating talks between the government and opposition, said on Friday that a power-sharing agreement was being drawn up.
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    He said he hoped to complete work on a settlement eary this week.
    A UN envoy visited a refugee camp in Kenya, where people have fled the violent fallout from the political turmoil.
    John Holmes, the UN undersecretary for humanitarian affairs, is on a three-day visit to assess the situation in the region.
    More than a thousand people have been killed following the December 27 election, and 300,000 have fled to refugee camps.
    The violence has invoked ethnic clashes and decimated the country’s economy.
    Foreign observers say that the elections were rigged.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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