No survivors in Kenya Airways crash

All 144 passengers and crew confirmed dead after wreckage found in Cameroon.

    Recovery work is expected to last several
    days because of the difficult conditions

    "There are no chances of finding any under the circumstances," Luc Ndjodo, a Douala prosecutor, said.
    Gabi Menezes, Al Jazeera's correspondent at the scene of the crash, said the recovery operation was difficult given the soft, spongy terrain surrounding the plane’s wreckage.
    She said officials were still trying to identify victims and aid workers were struggling to get stretchers with bodies through the mangrove trees.
    Dozens of volunteers helped clear away the bush to make a path to the crash site but all they found were remains of the jet, personal items and mostly parts of bodies.
    The six-month-old aircraft had vanished from radar screens in a violent storm shortly after taking off from Douala en route to Nairobi on Saturday.

    SOURCE: AL Jazeera and agencies


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