Al-Shabab 'strikes AU base' in Somalia
explosions reported and heavy gunfire at facility in Mogadishu, saying attackers might have entered compound.
Special Focus: Ebola
UN temporarily stops relocating displaced people to new camps after facing resistance from a frightened population.
Thousands of youth are dropping out of school as the dream of fame - and fortune – lures them into a bruising career.
After months of talks and countless calls to end fighting and prevent famine, leaders appear no closer to ending rift.
African migrants in China comprise perhaps two percent of Guangzhou’s 13 million residents but still face difficulties.
25 Sep 2013 09:32 GMTWitness
Can a fragile network of small radio stations help bring reconciliation to Sierra Leone?
The continent's wealthiest businessman talks about job creation, success and the opportunities Africa provides.
The Vatican's highest representative in Nigeria discusses Christian persecution, Boko Haram, and peace in the region.
People and Power investigates the effects of China's increasing influence in Africa.
Architect Kunle Adeyemi sets out to solve the issues of flooding and overcrowding in Nigeria's waterside slums.
Special series
Can the new BRICS development bank challenge the dominance of the World Bank and the IMF?
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