US kills six in attack on al-Shabab leaders
US says group's commander, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was target of air attack near Barawe - but al-Shabab denies he was there.
People are starving in southern Somalia while relief efforts are blocked by government and rebel fighting.
Ivory Coast tackles internet fraud scourge, but analysts say criminals continue to outsmart authorities.
Parents unable to look after children are marrying them off at a tender age, exposing them to maternal deaths.
For many former prisoners, life outside of prison is fraught with difficulties, including joblessness and social stigma.
Caught between competing powers to the West and East, how can Africa emerge from the race for its riches?
The Nigerian Nobel laureate discusses Boko Haram, organised religion, and the current state of his country.
Why has the government in Nigeria been unable to defeat Boko Haram?
The minister of education responds to criticism after hundreds of schoolgirls were kidnapped by the armed group.
The country's president explains why he believes Mali will only survive if it stands united.
The president of Central African Republic says the real reasons for the violence need to be addressed to bring peace.

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