Torrential downpours have caused flooding in earthquake-hit Ecuador leaving at least four people dead and injuring several others.

About 300 people have been affected by the floods after the River Damas burst its banks in the Parish of Alluriquin.

The storm hit the town of Alluriquin on Tuesday, around 120km to the west of Quito. Much of the area was engulfed by the rapidly rising waters as roads were quickly flooded, hampering the rescue operation that ensued.

There were also landslides from the surrounding saturated hillsides. At least 80 houses were destroyed, according to local government statistics.

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa cancelled his scheduled visit to a refugee shelter and came to Alluriquin to comfort the victims.

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit the Latin American country on April 16, leaving at least 655 people dead, 4,605 more injured.

At least 48 people still remain missing while 29,067 people live in temporary shelters, according to the latest official estimate.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies