A fire that engulfed a five-star hotel in Dubai on New Year's Eve was caused by an electric fault, the emirate's chief of police said.

Major General Khamis Al Muzeina said on Wednesday, via an official Facebook page: "The fire at Address Hotel on New Year's Eve was caused by electrical short circuit."

Citing findings from an investigation, he added that the cause of the fire was on the 14th floor.

The huge blaze on December 31 started around 17:30 GMT and quickly shot up the 63-storey hotel in the city, covering nearly the entire structure and sending hundreds of people fleeing for safety.

It continued to burn during a fireworks display at the nearby Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

Al Muzeina said that forensics had not found any flammables such as oil in samples from the scene.

Several people sustained injuries from the fire, and at least one person suffered a heart attack. Police have said that there were no deaths.

Earlier this month, the United Arab Emirates released two young men it detained over a selfie they took in front of the hotel fire.

Under the UAE's cybercrime laws, people can be arrested, imprisoned and deported for taking photographs without the consent of those shown.

Source: Al Jazeera