Two days of torrential rain have left parts of southern Italy and western Greece under water. The thundery downpours caused flash floods across Sicily and the far south of the Italian mainland before drifting across the Ionian Sea.

Prizzi had 62mm of rain on Thursday. Meanwhile Gela topped that with 93mm in the same 24 hour period.

The floods were at their worst in eastern Sicily. Missina recorded 86mm of rain as cars were submerged, and many roads and streets were turned into rivers.

Local authorities said as much as 65mm fell in some spots in only 40 minutes. There was widespread disruption as motorists were left stranded in their cars, and people found themselves trapped in their homes.

The heaviest rain is now moving eastwards. Kerkyra in Greece had 53mm of rain on Thursday with Korca in Albania recorded 67mm.

Warnings remain in place across the central Mediterranean and we are already seeing heavy rainfall spreading across Serbia. Negotin had 91mm of rain in the 24 hours up to 0600GMT on Friday. Further heavy downpours are likely. 

Source: Al Jazeera