One of the world's biggest exporters of rice, Thailand is facing a drought that has crippled farmers' abilities to make a living.

"I feel hopeless and I have sleepless nights because of the stress," said Prajam Jeensuksang, a farmer who has stopped planting in her plot because of the weather. "The only way to soothe my mind is to think I am not alone in this."

In Jeensuksang's village, water now comes in rations, and the fileds are absent of workers. 

"Farmers in other areas might have more water," added Jeensuksang. "But there are still lots who have no water like me."

Some, like Jeensuksang, have loans that they took out for rice seed. But with no rain and no income, they are now unable to complete their payments. 

Al Jazeera's Sohail Rahman reports from Suphan Buri province in central Thailand.

Source: Al Jazeera