Copa host Santiago hit by 'hazardous' smog

Chilean authorities shut businesses and order hundreds of thousands of vehicles off roads as city hosts football match.

    Authorities in Chile continue to restrict the number of vehicles on the streets of its capital due to hazardous levels of smog, despite lifting an environment emergency in the city as it hosts the Copa America football tournament.

    The government on Monday shut down more than a thousand businesses in Santiago that it said emitted high levels of contaminants in a bit to improve air quality.

    Authorities said 300,000 vehicles would be kept off Santiago's streets on Tuesday, despite air quality improving.

    Some train stations were closed due to a high volume of commuters and the city's seven million residents were also advised to avoid outdoor physical activities.

    Santiago is experiencing its driest June in more than 40 years and no rain is forecast for a week.

    Copa America is South America's largest football tournament.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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