LeBron guides Cleveland to Central Division title

LeBron's late three-points helps Cavaliers to the title after a close win over the Bucks.

    James finished the game with 21 points [Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports]
    James finished the game with 21 points [Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports]

    LeBron James knocked down a three-pointer with 14.1 seconds left that snuffed out a late Milwaukee rally and the Cleveland Cavaliers clinched the Central Division title with a 104-99 win over the Bucks.

    James finished with 21 points despite scoring just two in the second and third quarters.

    Milwaukee (38-40) remain in sixth in the Eastern Conference.

    Elsewhere, Tony Parker scored 27 points as the San Antonio Spurs beat Houston 110-98 to win their ninth straight game.

    The Spurs (53-26) moved into a tie for fifth place with the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference and within a half-game of Houston (53-25) for the lead in the Southwest Division.

    Zach Randolph posted a double-double with 15 points and 13 rebounds as the Memphis Grizzlies rolled to a 110-74 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans.

    Randolph, like centre Marc Gasol, had a game-high six assists. Gasol also scored 15 points and grabbed eight rebounds and blocked two shots.

    The loss dropped New Orleans (42-36) back into a tie with Oklahoma City for the eighth and last playoff spot in the Western Conference. The Thunder were idle on Wednesday and both teams have four games left.

    Other results:

    Magic 105, Bulls 103

    Trail Blazers 116, Timberwolves 91

    Mavericks 107, Suns 104

    Wizards 119, 76ers 90

    Celtics 113, Pistons 103

    Raptors 92, Hornets 74

    Hawks 114, Nets 111

    Pacers 102, Knicks 86

    Nuggets 119, Lakers 101

    Jazz 103, Kings 91

    SOURCE: Reuters


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