Days of heavy rain in northern India have caused widespread flooding bringing much of the region to a standstill. Low-lying areas have been badly affected following torrential downpours which began on Saturday.

Around 200 people have been evacuated from their homes following a surge in the badly swollen Jhelum River. Landslides have buried homes and at least 10 people are missing.

More than 40 buildings have been damaged and the rainfall has once again forced the closure of the vital Srinagar-Jammu National Highway.

Srinagar had 53mm of rain on Saturday with a further 86mm on the Sunday, making a total of 139mm of rain in only two days. The March average is 91mm.

The army and police forces have combine to rescue 30 people from their flooded homes in Kalai village which lies 1000km to the southeast of Srinagar.

Authorities, including disaster management across Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir are on alert. However they still insist there is no cause for panic.

The need for reassurance is there because of the devastating floods that struck the Kashmir Valley in September 2014 killing more than 300 people.

Abdul Majid Padder, the minister for irrigation and flood control declared “the good thing is that we have learned from the floods last year and we are prepared to tackle it this time”.

Showers or longer spells of rain remain in the forecast right into next week. Rain is falling now and there is the potential for further flash floods across the vulnerable parts of the region.

Source: Al Jazeera