West Indies survive scare in final World Cup warm-up

Scotland come within three runs of upsetting the two-time former champions; Ireland beat Bangladesh in other match

    West Indies were beaten by England at same venue earlier [Getty Images]
    West Indies were beaten by England at same venue earlier [Getty Images]

    West Indies' preparations for the World Cup went from bad to worse when minnows Scotland came up just four runs short of a famous upset in a warm-up match at Sydney Cricket Ground.

    Although the islanders ultimately came up with the win by three runs, this was by no means an emphatic statement that might have reassured Caribbean cricket fans that all was well inside the camp.

    Thrashed by England at the same ground in their first warm-up on Monday, the twice world champions needed a flurry of late wickets to restrict the Scots to 310 for nine in reply to the 313 for eight they posted in their 50 overs.

    Opener Kyle Coetzer scored a fine 96 to fire the run-chase and Richie Berrington chipped in with 66 but the Scots could not quite find the partnership they needed at the bottom of the order to secure the victory.

    Elsewhere, Ireland set out their stall as potential World Cup giant-killers by beating Bangladesh by four wickets.

    After the Irish won the toss and chose to bowl first, Max Sorensen (3-31) and John Mooney (3-32) took three wickets apiece as Bangladesh were dismissed for 189 in 48.2 overs.

    Former England top order batsman Ed Joyce hit 47 to help set the Irish on their way before Andrew Balbirnie (63 not out) and Kevin O'Brien (23) teamed up for a sixth-wicket partnership of 41 to take them to the brink of victory.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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