A suicide attack on a police station in eastern Afghanistan has killed at least 20 officers, regional officials said.

Din Mohammad Darwesh, a spokesman for the provincial governor of Logar province, said that Tuesday's attack on the police headquarters in Logar was carried out by four suicide bombers.

He added said two of the attackers managed to enter the headquarters and two detonated the explosives on them in the kitchen and the dining room of the compound. The bombers were wearing police uniforms and used a police vehicle to enter the compound, he added.

Provincial governor Niaz Mohamed Amiri said the attack killed at least 20 policemen and wounded eight. 

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

The US and its allies have reduced their military presence in Afghanistan to a contingent of about 12,500 who are mainly focused on training and supporting the 350,000 Afghan troops and police.

The Taliban and other fighters have been increasingly targeting Afghan security forces after US and NATO troops ended their combat mission in the country last year.

Source: Al Jazeera