The Aam Aadmi (common man's) Party or the AAP, has created history again by winning the vote of confidence on the floor of the Delhi assembly.

The AAP, which won 28 seats in the just concluded assembly elections, needed to have more than half of the 70 seats of the Delhi assembly to continue in power.

On Thursday evening Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal won the trust by 37 votes, with the elected Congress members offering him continued support.

This means the party may continue to be in power for the next six months.

Kejriwal presented a stirring speech to convince the members of the assembly that his party wanted to change the culture of politics in the country.

He also placed a 17-point agenda that his party would chase to deliver to the people of the capital.

"We are outsiders to politics," said Kejriwal adding that the reason for his party's win was predominantly to challenge the political culture of privilege and corruption that prevailed in India thus far.

The Congress party's Arvinder Lovely told the assembly that the Congress supported the AAP for the sake of the "people of Delhi".

The BJP which has the maximum number of seats and yet is working in the opposition did criticise Kejriwal for "backtracking" on its first pledge not to take support of either Congress and the BJP but to go it alone to lead Delhi.

"There is a surge of support for us across the country," said an AAP leader. Leaders across political parties were seen congratulating the chief minister.

Source: Al Jazeera