Delhi’s newly-elected Aam Aadmi (Common Man’s) Party, or the AAP, which created waves with its spectacular debut performance, will have to clear a test of confidence in the state assembly.

From all indications the motion of confidence, scheduled later on Thursday, will be a formality as the Congress, which is supporting the AAP, has said it will stand by its decision.

The AAP, despite its dream debut, could not cross the half-way mark in the 70-member Delhi state assembly. It secured 28 seats. The Congress, which was routed in the elections managed only eight seats.

But, it offered to support the AAP without joining the government. With the Congress support, the AAP will have a smooth sailing when voting takes place on the motion of confidence.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, with an allied party, fell short by four seats getting only 32. It chose to sit in the opposition as it did not receive support from either the AAP or the Congress.

AAP leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made it clear to the media that even if the AAP survives the vote of confidence he does not expect his party to continue in office for long, probably keeping in mind the far-reaching changes his government plans to bring in which may threaten established parties.

But, Kejriwal added that they are always willing to contest elections whenever necessary.

Establishment shaken

The AAP, which neither the Congress nor the BJP took seriously before the elections, stunned everyone with its super performance on an anti-corruption agenda.

Already, the AAP has shaken the establishment by bringing in changes that were previously thought impossible.

One was the decision to supply 666 litres of free water to all Delhi households. Another is the move to cut electricity tariff by half.

The latest on Thursday was his directive to construct dwellings for the homeless, suffering the cold winter in the open.

Among the slew of other decisions, the AAP has done away with official security for government ministers including for the chief minister.

The government has also banned the status-symbol red beacon lights on official cars. Kejriwal drives to the office in his personal car like all office-goers do.

Source: Al Jazeera