About 160 people rescued and at least two reported dead, as vessel carrying 475 passengers founders off southwest coast.
Police department ends undercover operation which rights groups said targeted people solely on basis of their religion.
More than 100 students of secondary school in Chibok in Borno state abducted, a day after a deadly bombing in Abuja.
Diplomats tell news agency that UN report will say Iran has diluted half of material it held that could be used in bomb.
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TechKnow15 Apr 2014 06:09 GMT
TechKnow examines breakthroughs in mobility technology and cancer screening.
Witness14 Apr 2014 07:26 GMT
Dynamic teenager Suzete Sangula fights to make women’s rights a reality in Mozambique, one step at a time.

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Three years since the start of the uprising, nine million people have been displaced by fighting.
An in-depth look at Egypt's ongoing political crisis.