Al Jazeera Investigates - Killing Arafat
An exclusive investigation tells the inside story of the exhumation of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Scientists from Lausanne University say radon cannot be an explanation for elevated polonium levels in Arafatís remains.
New report says former Palestinian leader was not poisoned by radioactive polonium and that he died of natural causes.
Al Jazeera releases conclusions of Russian probe into Palestinian leader's death, which say results are "inconclusive".
Political blame game ensues after Al Jazeera reveals results of a Swiss forensic study into Arafat's death.
Scientists find at least 18 times the normal levels of radioactive element in late Palestinian leaderís remains.
The author cites scientific and contextual evidence which point to Arafat's poisoning with polonium.
The director of the Institute of Radiophysics in Lausanne talks about the outcome of its study on PLO leader's remains.
Read more on the history of the rare and highly radioactive substance found in Arafat's final personal belongings.
The life and times of one of the Middle East's most iconic personalities, whose cause of death had long been a mystery.
From Arafat's last days, to the beginning of an investigation, Al Jazeera looks back at how the story unfolded.
INTERACTIVE: Take a close look at never-before-seen photos of Yasser Arafat's final personal belongings.
The element goes undetected by most radiation detectors but when it is found, it can leave a trail to its origin.
Al Jazeera's Investigations Unit answers frequently asked questions about the investigation into the death of Arafat.
The 108-page report by Swiss scientists who say their data supports the theory that Arafat was poisoned with polonium.

Killing Arafat

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The widow The nephew
SUHA ARAFAT - The widow of Yasser Arafat, who he married in 1990 NASSER AL-QUDWA - Nephew of Yasser Arafat, chairman of the Yasser Arafat Foundation
the scientists
DR PATRICE MANGIN - Director of the University Center of Legal Medicine in Lausanne, Switzerland DR FRANCOIS BOCHUD - Director of the Institute of Radiophysics in Lausanne, Switzerland
the investigator the intel chief
DAVE BARCLAY - Forensic scientist and investigator TAWFIQ AL-TIRAWI - Former Palestinian Authority intelligence chief, currently head of the Palestinian Investigatory Committee on Yasser Arafat's death
the diplomat The incumbent
NABIL SHAATH - Diplomat and negotiator, Palestinian Authority's first foreign minister from 2003 to 2005 MAHMOUD ABBAS - Palestinian president