Al Jazeera 02 Oct 2014 11:59 GMT
A high ranking member of the Houthi movement speaks to Al Jazeera about the movement's endgame in Yemen.
30 Sep 2014 08:30 GMT
Teachers and children continue lessons outside building in Sanaa after Houthi gunmen deny them access to classrooms.
22 Sep 2014 05:36 GMT
Yemen's warring factions finally sign a deal, but will it hold?
21 Aug 2014 12:03 GMT
Thousands of Houthi supporters have called for the fall of Yemen's government. But what do the Houthis really want?
14 Sep 2014 10:00 GMT
About 200 remaining Mirahi Jews face a tough choice between staying or leaving their homeland amid a Houthi uprising.
20 Sep 2014 19:24 GMT
Is the ongoing unrest part of the post-revolutionary growing pains or the death throes of the transition to democracy.
Houthis have blocked one of the capital's main roads in a new escalation of their campaign to topple the government.
Houthi leaders demand the government resign as they seek more political influence and territorial control.
Despite government denials, this investigation uncovers evidence of slave labour in Yemen.
Shia rebels who fought several wars against the government have made significant gains since President Saleh ceded power
Mohamed Vall
Progress to tackle the problem in one of the world's poorest countries has been slow amid political instability.