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Paola Alcazar

Mexico City, Mexico

Young people in Mexico are facing an unemployment rate that is nearly twice the national average. More than 7 million young Mexicans between the age of 15 and 29 are jobless; "the majority of those of us who graduated from university don't have anywhere to get a full time job," said Alcazar. A recent study found that unemployment is highest among the most educated women.

Ryan Preston

Leeds, United Kingdom

Across Britain there are nearly one million unemployed young people. For these youth, finding a job is not merely about income, but also a matter of character. Due to a law aimed to people perceived to be lazy, many of these young people will be forced to work for free. Lacking the money to go to university and the jobs with which to build a CV these young Brits feel at a loss.

See Yoo-Ran

Seoul, South Korea

As other countries struggle with unemployment, South Korea is creating jobs at a rapid rate. Even so, many of the nation's young people are still finding it difficult to get started.

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