Chavez support continues in Venezuela slums
Opposition launches new appeals to the poor, gaining ground on populist government in election race.
Flight to vote in Venezuela elections
Venezuelans in the US hoping for a change in their country's leadership cast their ballots in New Orleans.
Expropriations stir controversy in Venezuela
Alba hotel in Caracas could be seen as a metaphor for government "expropriation" gone awry in era of "socialism".
Chavez faces challenge to his leadership
Venezuela set for tight presidential race as Hugo Chavez hopes for another six-year term.
Will Venezuela's vote affect foreign policy?
Socialist President Hugo Chavez supports "anti-imperialist" integration, but critics want oil wealth spent at home.
'Class war' polarises Venezuela's vote
Whoever wins Sunday's election will have to govern a country in the midst of a low-intensity class war
One of the president's main energy advisers details the role of oil in Hugo Chavez's "Bolivarian Revolution".
A look at where Venezuela's presidential candidates stand on security, economics, energy and other issues.
By Elizabeth Melimopoulos
Oil-for-doctors exchange programme helps President Chavez to stay popular, but critics say it undermines health system.
By Chris Arsenault
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Challenger Henrique Capriles mocks President Hugo Chavez's campaign pledges, as thousands march in support of incumbent.
Hugo Chavez appeals for calm as voting continues after closing hours in some polling booths in tough presidential race.
Henrique Capriles is the best chance the opposition has had in years of beating the Venezuelan leader.
Hugo Chavez and Henrique Capriles make final appeals to voters before Sunday's presidential election.