Will Youmans 03 Nov 2010 19:56 GMT
Entertainers Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Glenn Beck have been dominating the political landscape in the US.
02 Nov 2010 22:22 GMT
Tea Party candidates are accused of having links to criminal biker gangs, as pundits scream about patriotism.
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Opposition broadens its appeal by deciding to seek out a wider variety of candidates in US midterm vote.
Rand Paul of Kentucky becomes US senate's first Tea Party member, as Republicans gain Indiana seat as well
US president says he and his party have taken a "shellacking" - meaning a very sound beating - in the US midterm polls.
As US voters head to polls, the economy remains a major issue that could affect their decision.
Opposition poised to win House of Representatives and gain in senate in midterm elections, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.
The state of US economy is a key issue in the midterm election in the sunshine state.
American and foreign energy firms send campaign donations to candidates who oppose limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
Survey shows sharp drop in number of young willing to participate in the November 2 midterm elections.
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US Midterm Elections
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