Mormons see Romney as their 'John F Kennedy'
In Utah, a centre of Mormonism, many believers support Mitt Romney who they consider a "native son".
Do US opinion polls flatter to deceive?
Though Obama and Romney are tied in the popular vote, the Electoral College seems to favour the president.
Meet America's third-party candidates
They stand no chance of winning, but third-party candidates could sway US election result in tight battleground states.
Iranian-Americans' California dreaming
About 750,000 Iranians residing in West Coast state hold divergent views on their native country's place in the US vote.
Interactive: Voters who will decide US poll
An interactive look at the key demographic groups who will decide the fate of the presidential election.
US presidential candidates cool on warming
Though polls show more Americans believe the planet is warming, the issue is seldom discussed on campaign trail.
Interactive: US inner circles of power
Meet the top consultants, advisers, and pollsters behind Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's candidacies.
Charting 'swing states' in US 2012 election
Explore the demographic and political backgrounds of the battleground states set to decide the presidential election.
Interactive: Spinning America's economy
Roll our Economy Cube to see how jobs, inflation, stocks, taxes and debt have fared in the last four years of Obama.
Where Obama and Romney stand on the issues
A look at the positions taken by the US presidential candidates on a range of issues at the forefront of 2012 election.
US immigrants reflect on Obama foreign policy
People from various communities in US share their views on how president's actions have impacted their lives since 2008.
Scorecard: Obama's presidency
Al Jazeera fact checks to what extent the US president has lived up to his 2008 campaign promises.
How the White House was Won
It was a long and bitter race that cost at least $2.5bn, but were American voters presented with a real choice?
Obama's second take
As Barack Obama is re-elected, and significant ballot measures passed, we ask what the next four years have in store.
The meme election
Are the issues in the US presidential election getting lost in the memes?
Obama: Under surveillance
As warrantless electronic surveillance in the US surges, how far have civil liberties been eroded under the president?
More News
Talk show host says the 42 million living at or below poverty line have been ignored by election candidates.
Economist Jeffrey Sachs says he will still support US president because "alternatives would be much grimmer".
Employment data shows better-than-expected growth, as presidential candidates seek to spin numbers ahead of election.
US president and his Republican challenger spend final days of campaign in swing states with critical electoral votes.
"We are here for you," US president tells residents picking up the pieces in the wake of massive storm Sandy.
President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are off the campaign trail as storm advances on East Coast.
In past two years, more than a dozen US states have passed laws that could make voting difficult.
US president's opponent Mitt Romney close behind with $919m in race that has become the costliest in country's history.
Improved GDP figure attributed to higher consumer spending, lower imports and jump in federal government spending.

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