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05 Sep 2011 13:26 GMT
California activists worry UK police will import heavily armed enforcement tactics that violate the right to dissent.
21 Aug 2011 14:04 GMT
David Cameron's plans of emulating US policing models face harsh criticism from politicians and activists alike.
11 Aug 2011 14:47 GMT
The UK riots have unique roots, but British youths' alienation is similar to the disenfranchisement behind Arab revolts.
09 Aug 2011 09:58 GMT
What sparked the London riots and what are the police doing to counter the violence?
09 Aug 2011 19:23 GMT
Broken windows and looted stores across London after a police killing became a tipping point for disenfranchised youth.
09 Aug 2011 16:26 GMT
Speculations circle as to why the London riots have become so big, but the answer is quite obvious.
09 Aug 2011 17:25 GMT
Although Britain has a long history of civil uprisings, the recent riots lack a clear political or moral consciousness.
Imran Khan 09 Aug 2011 17:33 GMT
Brixton is not tense, but certainly nervous. I can only wait like everyone else to see what the next few hours will bring.
09 Aug 2011 10:12 GMT
A peaceful demonstration over the police shooting of a 29-year-old man sparked widespread looting and violence.
Barnaby Phillips 09 Aug 2011 17:43 GMT
The riots are a symptom of a deep malaise in this country and that is what makes the events of the past few days so depressing.
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Crowds express rage in Tottenham, north London after a man is killed in armed stand-off with police.
Riots continue for the third night in the British capital.
Although riots are complex social phenomenona, the recent unrest in England has inescapably political roots.
Authorities considering social media restrictions, curfews and ban on facemasks, UK PM says, after four days of rioting.
Community leaders in Birmingham urge religious and ethnic groups to come together after deaths.
Three men run over as they protected property in central city, as police say man is being held on suspicion of murder.
More than 1,000 arrested over four nights of rioting and looting as disorder spreads to northern and central England.
Turkish shopkeepers in east London neighbourhood refuse to close, stand up to rioters and guard the streets.
Barry Neild
Online footage of an injured student being brazenly robbed has shocked the nation.
Police authorised to use baton rounds and water cannon as prime minister says those involved in disorder will face jail.
Tim Goodwin, acting Scotland Yard Commissioner, urges people to clear the streets as violence in London continues.
British police watchdog says gun found at scene of Mark Duggan's death was not fired before he was shot dead.
Prime minister says more robust police action necessary after three days of rioting in capital and other British cities.
Buildings and cars set ablaze in British capital's worst violence in decades as looting spreads to other British cities.
Prime Minister David Cameron is returning early from his summer holiday in Italy to chair an emergency meeting.
Monday night in Hackney, where young people who bear the brunt of an austerity crisis took over the streets.
Protests following killing of young man by police turn violent in North London area of Tottenham.
The friendly between England and Holland is called off due to riots in London as footballers appeal for end of violence.
Shops attacked and more than 100 arrested in violence triggered by anger over fatal shooting of man by police last week.
British newspapers united in condemnation of 'orgy of violence' with special ridicule reserved for greedy looters.
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