Al Jazeera staff 09 Aug 2014 06:54 GMT
Key events in conflict that so far claimed the lives of more than 150,000 people and displaced half the population.
21 Aug 2014 08:52 GMT
Armed groups are using high-quality cameras and videos to recruit members and build support in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.
22 Aug 2014 12:05 GMT
As tensions mount, a cultural centre in Istanbul is trying to bridge the gap between Syrian refugees and Turkish locals.
29 Jun 2014 12:33 GMT
The sport is increasingly being used as a distraction from the strains of life for young refugees.
10 Aug 2014 15:27 GMT
A joint Jordanian-MSF project based near the border with war-torn Syria helps treat civilians, but challenges persist.
21 Jul 2014 12:41 GMT
As government casts dragnet for would-be 'terrorists', residents with ties to Syrian rebel groups flee farther north.
, and 17 Dec 2013 14:44 GMT
Explore the main challenges faced by more than 1.1 million Syrian children as they try to build a new life outside home.
and 31 Aug 2014 07:46 GMT
Three million Syrian refugees have fled the country since civil war erupted in 2011.
24 Aug 2014 15:46 GMT
With bombs exploding and under sniper fire, we trace the lives of ordinary people in war-torn Syria.
20 Aug 2014 14:54 GMT
Three Syrian children seek refuge over the Turkish border where teachers try to help them cope with the trauma of war.
Hundreds reportedly killed as fighters storm the Tabqa base in northeast Syria, the army's last foothold in the area.
Monitoring group says the Islamic State group recruited 6,000 members in last month alone, including 1,000 foreigners.
Organisation charged with eliminating chemical weapons stockpile says most crucial part of operation completed.
Activists say the killings of Sheitat tribesmen, many by beheading, happened over the last two weeks.
Islamic State group says it acted in revenge for US strikes against it and threatens to kill another US journalist.
Hillary Clinton, a likely contender for US president in 2016, deemed decision not to intervene in Syria a "failure".
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