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Thinking outside the ethnic box in S Sudan
Interpreting conflict as merely ethnic is not only superficial but also dangerous if it drives policy and peace deals.
Infographic: Untangling South Sudan violence
Oil, ethnic conflict and political intrigue are driving the latest round of brutality in the world's newest country.
South Sudan's Machar speaks to Al Jazeera
Former vice president supports rebellion against President Kiir as violence flares and thousands seek refuge.
South Sudan teeters on the brink
Observers say ethnic tensions at the heart of ongoing fighting that may determine fate of the country.
Profile: President Salva Kiir
After decades in the military and politics, the man known for his cowboy hat became South Sudan's first leader.
Profile: South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar
Former vice president was sacked by President Kiir in July and was later accused of orchestrating a coup attempt.
Can diplomacy help South Sudan?
As violence spreads across the country and rebels take control of key states we ask what can be done to ease the crisis.
South Sudan: On the brink of collapse?
We ask if fighting and political unrest is damaging the development of this fledgling nation.
Background on the crisis
Attempted coup underscores the country's chronic political and economic problems.
As talk of dialogue begins, four soldiers are wounded as US military aircraft is hit by fire from unknown forces.
Salva Kiir says government now in full control of the capital as he declares a dawn-to-dusk curfew.
South Sudan's violence could instigate a humanitarian crisis and widespread civilian casualties.
President Kiir says groups are plotting to overthrow his government as his former deputy is arrested after gunfire.
Senior army officer cited by news agencies says rival factions of the country's military exchanged fire.
Two vice presidents are gone in "significant" reshuffle that has come after calls for reform.
Satellite images show details of a recent assault on the town of Abu Zabad.
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