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Understanding the Referendum
An account of key events that shaped the road to Sudan's January 9 vote.
Territorial quarrel heightens tensions between the country's north and south.
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A quick look at the January 9 referendum that will give south Sudan a choice between unity or secession.
We look at the complexities of reporting from within and about a country experiencing major change.
Listening Post
Beijing has invested billions in the oil-rich country and may now have to step up to ensure stability prevails.
Donata Hardenberg
Sudan's president says the south's desire for secession is understandable, but warns it will not solve its problems.
The south must rise above tribe if it is to become a nation.
Timeline: Sudan Since Independence
Global Witness says the country needs fresh oil pact to ensure transparency and revenue sharing between north and south.
Profiles: Who's who in Sudan's Politics
Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's president.
Charasmatic former head of Sudan People's Liberation Army
Salva Kiir, popular leader enjoying support in southern Sudan
Hassan Turabi, once a close ally of Omar al-Bashir, now one of his main rivals in Sudan's north
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