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Tens of thousands celebrate their nation's first ever Independence Day in Juba.
Security forces impose their own rules on local reporters in the absence of any media laws.
Southern Sudan's secession on July 9 is the latest chapter in a half-century struggle between the north and south.
Oil accounts for most of the Sudanese government's revenues, and most of the country's reserves are in the south.
What are the chances and challenges lying ahead for Africa's newest nation?
Division of Africa's largest country may be result of a "Sudanese identity crisis" sparked by Khartoum-led power grab.
Flurry of pre-independence activity in the capital of South Sudan, as workers clean up and dignitaries arrive.
Violence and insecurity hamper business in Southern Sudan, but thousands of foreigners have flocked here seeking riches.
A draft resolution crafted by the US was approved by the UN requesting that 4,200 Ethiopian troops be deployed to Abyei.
As South Sudan becomes the world's newest nation, we follow Angelo on a journey of hope, expectation and disillusion.
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With the creation a new state, many women hope independence will lead to improvements in maternal health.
As Sudan is split into two, the government in the North faces growing resentment over the loss of national pride.
Infrastructural challenges to test world's newest nation's mettle as countdown to independence begins.
South Sudan's independence is a historic and long awaited event for the citizens of this new nation in Africa. But the split from the north is not as joyful for some of those southerners as it might seem to be.
Despite intensified patrolling, the potential for violence erupting again in Upper Nile state remains high.
The estimated 35,000 Sudanese expatriates in Qatar can only watch from afar as their nation splits in two on Saturday.
Sudanese president says army operation in border state of South Kordofan to continue until it is "cleaned" of rebels.
Red-carpet welcome for Sudanese president in Beijing as countries consolidate close relationship with oil agreement.
US introduces UN resolution that would deploy a 4,200-strong Ethiopian peacekeeping force to disputed Abyei region.
Oil, Darfur, and forthcoming north-south divide on the agenda on president's visit to one of Khartoum's key supporters.
Escalating violence in South Kordofan state is driving villagers to hide in the bush.
President Bashir's ultimatum aimed at forcing soon-to-be-independent South to reach oil revenue sharing deal with North.
South Sudan faces the challenge of creating an inclusive administration among tribes with a history of bitter enmity.
As many refugees return to South Sudan ahead of its official statehood, scarce resources are stretched thin.
Increasing instability and tensions with the north could dampen the celebratory mood.