Somalia's waiting game
The politicians are talking and the international agencies are pledging aid, so why then are Somalis still dying?
Kenya's growing influence in Somalia
Kenya has sent troops into neighbouring Somalia, so is it about to get sucked into a protracted conflict?
Horn of Africa Crisis: Somalia's Famine
Have US counter-terrorism policies contributed to the deadly crisis in the Horn of Africa?
The Mayor of Mogadishu
It is one of the world's toughest jobs, but one man is determined to make a difference in the war-torn Somali capital.
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Will Somalia's new prime minister be able to fight famine and corruption in order to build a functioning state?
By Talk to Al Jazeera
Al-Shabab blacklists NGOs for "illicit activities and misconducts", putting thousands of refugees at risk of starvation.
One soldier dead and four others injured as bomb hits army vehicle, shortly after attacks on al-Shabab bases.
Residents say convoys of Ethiopian troops have crossed into neighbouring Somalia in search for al-Shabab fighters.
Asmara denies arming al-Shabab fighters in Somalia and describes Nairobi's implied threat of action as "unfortunate".
Three zones downgraded to emergency status, but aid groups warn crisis not over with four million people needing help.
Al-Shabab has withdrawn from Mogadishu, but the country is shattered from years of civil war and US military actions.
By Glen Johnson
Army says it has no withdrawal date for Somalia operations, as African Union base in Mogadishu comes under attack.
Gunmen abduct Danish man, American woman and their Somali colleague in latest in string of kidnappings.
Man arrested over twin explosions in Nairobi admits involvement in bus stop attack and says he belongs to Somali group.
Hundreds left homeless, with little chance of being compensated, as government looks to reclaim public buildings.
Kenyan and pro-Somali government forces claim to have captured a key al-Shabab base and killed 75 of its fighters.
Who are al-Shabab?