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Somali women struggle to make it in politics
Despite threats, clan politics and marginalisation, some Somali women hope to change the country's political culture.
Somalia seeks new ways of fighting al-Shabab
As government struggles to prevent assaults by the armed group, authorities start reaching out to its moderate members.
Somali businesses feel the heat in Nairobi
Customer traffic in Eastleigh has been decimated by Kenyan government crackdown on migrants, shop owners say.
Somalis yearn for a musical renaissance
Known for its musicians before the 1991 civil war, Somali performers say insecurity still dampens cultural pursuit.
Somali farmers benefit from al-Shabab reforms
In Somalia's breadbasket, many welcome al-Shabab's move to expel foreign aid groups and build canals.
Somali traffic cops battle gridlock and chaos
Somalia's new traffic police tackle illegal parking, speeding drivers and temperamental street lights in Mogadishu.
Somali refugees: threat or victims?
Kenya orders refugees off the streets to stop attacks by armed groups from Somalia.
Defeating al-Shabab and dismembering Somalia
Will the current strategy of the Somali government and the international community bring peace to Somalia?
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Interventions from neighbours have not brought Somalia the promised peace.
The United Nations special representative cut short journey because of threat of attack on the UN in Mogadishu.
More than 850,000 people are in desperate need of food and a further two million are considered "food insecure".
Report says "systematic abuse" by officials after loosening of embargo has allowed diversion of weapons to armed groups.
Small team is first permanent presence since US withdrew in 1993 after 18 Americans died in battle of Mogadishu.
MPs chosen by clan leaders vote for a leader in Somalia's northeastern, semi-autonomous region.
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