24 Feb 2012 21:34 GMT
Photos capture the mood of capital city Dakar just days before the presidential election.
26 Mar 2012 19:55 GMT
The euphoria surrounding Macky Sall's election has yet to die down, but voters will not be tolerant of any new mistakes.
Director of West African Research Centre says that Senegal is ready to go to the polls for a second time.
By Azad Essa
Malians living through and watching Senegal's democratic election say their situation is more complex than is reported.
By Azad Essa
While media focus attention on the country's youth, an elder generation compare this election with those gone by.
By Azad Essa
With Dakar lying on the peninsular, the country's second city is the prized political gateway to the capital.
By Azad Essa
Combination of incumbent set on holding on to power and weak opposition could tarnish Senegal's democratic credentials.
By Azad Essa
Violent protests greeted first presidential vote, but Independence Square traders say country's democracy is strong.
By Azad Essa
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Vote counting under way after election that pitted ageing incumbent Abdoulaye Wade and his protege Macky Sall.
Second round between incumbent President Abdoulaye Wade and ex-prime minister Macky Sall expected later this month.
Incumbent Abdoulaye Wade, with 34.82 per cent of the vote, will face former prime minister Macky Sall in second round.
Incumbent Wade's controversial bid for a third term tests nation's democratic credentials after weeks of protests.
Controversial incumbent Abdoulaye Wade is booed by hundreds of voters as he casts his ballot.
Leaders of Senegalese opposition movement set to propose delay of Sunday's elections in talks with Nigerian negotiator.
Disenchanted young are calling for the president to step down, as job prospects and education seem bleak.
Nigerian statesman hopes to defuse anger over president's decision to run for third term in weekend's election.
Incumbent president says there is "no going back" in his bid for third term, despite protests before Sunday's vote.
Passengers on a Dakar-bound train express pessimism over prospects as country prepares to vote.
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