In Depth
Myanmar's Rohingya deprived of education
Restricted travel, barred attendance, and overcrowding has seriously hampered the Rohingya's educational opportunities.
Myanmar's Buddhist-Rohingya ethnic divide
Displaced Rohingya Muslims struggle with persecution and Buddhist resentment.
In Pictures: The plight of the Rohingya
Many Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar are still displaced after ethnic clashes drove them from their homes.
No respite for Rohingya in Bangladesh
Refugees forced to flee Myanmar are living in camps without adequate access to food or health services.
More News
Thailand's navy has accused journalists of defamation after a report alleged it helped human traffickers.
UN says 100,000 Rohingya still living in camps in Myanmar after villages were destroyed in July.
Sheikh Hasina spoke to Al Jazeera on July 27 about her country's stance on Myanmar's Rohingya.
Mutual distrust lingers between two communities months after violence in western Myanmar.
Three aid groups told to stop helping thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar.
Gallery: Myanmar riots
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