From the Field
12 May 2013 18:48 GMT
Now the elections are over in Pakistan, the real hard work is to begin in earnest for Nawaz Sharif and his PML-N party.
09 May 2013 12:39 GMT
Politicians promise change as power cuts, insecurity, corruption and inflation make life difficult for entrepreneurs.
10 May 2013 09:47 GMT
While keeping across national matters is important, understanding local issues is key to winning elections.
04 May 2013 03:52 GMT
Despite increased security following Quetta bombings, election workers and voters are on edge.
Asad Hashim 10 May 2013 13:28 GMT
More than 600,000 polling staff and 70,000 army and security forces personnel deployed ahead of Saturday's vote.
Asad Hashim 07 May 2013 20:33 GMT
Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party sustains injuries after suffering 14ft fall during campaigning blitz.
27 Apr 2013 11:42 GMT
Will Musharraf's political ambitions grind to a halt over his alleged role in the death of Pakistan's first female PM?
18 Apr 2013 13:19 GMT
As some political parties are targeted by the Pakistani Taliban, we examine the impact on the upcoming elections.
25 Mar 2013 09:29 GMT
As the former military man returns amid legal and security concerns, we ask if he has gambled too much by doing so.
31 May 2012 13:23 GMT
Former cricketer Imran Khan is now playing for a greater prize - but can he upset Pakistan's political status quo?
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Ali Haider Gilani abducted after gun battle at campaign rally in Multan that also killed his personal secretary.
Imran Khan holds rally on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan's most dangerous city, in defiance of Taliban threat.
Tens of thousands of poll workers and soldiers deployed across the country to keep voters safe and ensure fair voting.
Pakistan's politicians and voters say violence has only spurred them on to engage further in democratic processes.
Stuck between bullets and ballots, residents of Balochistan are caught between separatist fighters and state forces.
Scientist who sold nuclear secrets to North Korea, Libya and Iran talks to Al Jazeera in the context of the elections.
Cricketer turned politician suffers injuries in Lahore incident on a day marked by deadly election-related violence.
Campaigning has been muted in much of Pakistan after violence, but in the Punjab election season is in full swing.
One of key issues in Pakistan polls is chronic power shortage affecting industries, including pottery.
Gunmen kill Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali in Islamabad on his way to a hearing over former prime minister's murder.
At least 25 people killed and scores wounded in attack on Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam gathering in Kurram Agency.
More than 180 Hazara Shia have been killed since January in what they say is an atmosphere of impunity and hatred.
Three-year-old son of slain Awami National Party candidate dies in hospital after Taliban attack in Karachi.
All Muslim Party announces move in protest over court's decision to ban ex-military chief from contesting elections.
At least seven people injured in explosion outside offices of secular party in Karachi just days before elections.
Party leaders claim they are undeterred by wave of attacks that has killed at least 56 people ahead of May 11 vote.
At least 11 people killed and dozens injured in blasts, as Taliban campaigns to derail upcoming elections.
At least four people killed and scores wounded as three blasts target secular political-party offices and a Shia mosque.

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Political timeline
PML-N leader and election front-runner Nawaz Sharif tells Al Jazeera he is not worried about being removed from power again:

Former PM Yousuf Raza Gilani welcomes a lifetime ban on former President Pervez Musharraf from politics: