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07 Feb 2013 13:16 GMT
We ask if the man seen as the architect of President Obama's policy of drone warfare can reform the very same programme.
06 Feb 2013 09:58 GMT
As the UN launches an investigation into drone strikes, we examine the implications of targeted killings by the US.
01 Feb 2013 15:30 GMT
We examine the history of gun ownership in a country where there are almost as many guns as there are people.
30 Jan 2013 12:43 GMT
Can the right of the Republican Party be persuaded to back a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration system?
19 Jan 2013 10:49 GMT
Ahead of US President Barack Obama's inauguration, we look at what to expect from his second term in office.
17 Jan 2013 10:10 GMT
As the US president proposes a series of reforms, we ask if he can change the country's relationship with guns.
31 Jan 2013 15:08 GMT
As the US expands its drone operations in North Africa, we ask how they will impact the already tense region.
30 Jan 2013 19:17 GMT
As President Barack Obama begins his second term, will the US continue to give mixed messages about Syria?
05 Jan 2013 10:40 GMT
Do the threats facing whistleblowers under Obama's presidency mean Americans know less about what their government does?
08 Nov 2012 12:43 GMT
It was a long and bitter race that cost at least $2.5bn, but were American voters presented with a real choice?
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Relatives of victims hope recent violence will prompt adoption of restrictions opposed by gun-owners lobby.
Reflecting the growing clout of Hispanic voters, Obama traveled to Nevada, to make case for swift bipartisan action.
US chief justice administers oath of office in private ceremony at White House attended by First lady Michelle Obama.
Accidental gunfire at US gun shows leave five injured as thousands gather to rally against stricter firearm limits.

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