The Country and the Candidates
15 Apr 2011 12:41 GMT
Africa's most populous country has had a chequered history since gaining independence from Britain in 1960.
15 Apr 2011 13:06 GMT
Nigeria's first president from the southern Niger Delta oil region, has risen to power largely by accident.
15 Apr 2011 12:46 GMT
Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria's former military ruler, is seen as the main challenger to Goodluck Jonathan.
15 Apr 2011 13:13 GMT
Former anti-corruption boss known for his ruthless pursuit of the corrupt is Nigeria's youngest presidential candidate.
In Depth
15 Apr 2011 16:46 GMT
Leaked cables helped expose high-level corruption, but will those revelations impact upcoming elections?
13 Apr 2011 18:52 GMT
Throughout April, Nigerians will elect a new president, 469 members of parliament and 36 state governors.
Residents seek political representatives who will clean up their oil-damaged region.
The conduct of people during the recent poll is a humbling reminder, of how the people of Lagos, and Nigeria, have an enduring faith that one day, they will get the leadership they deserve.
Emerging poll results show party of President Goodluck Jonathan with weakened grip on parliament.
Voters say voting in parliamentary polls went generally well despite initial fears of violence and logistical problems.
Official says bomb went off near the city of Maiduguri and caused casualties hours after a deadly blast on election eve.
Elections to go ahead in some areas but problems continue to hinder ballot considered a key test for Nigerian democracy.
Vote now scheduled to take place on April 9, electoral commission says, following logistical problems.
Officials say decision to postpone election to Monday taken after materials failed to reach some polling stations.
Dozens of women prepare for uphill battle in April general elections.
Parliamentary elections hounded by power shortages as government pledges to fix the problem.
Votes for legislature, state governors and presidency seen as crucial democratic test for Africa's most populous nation.
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