14 Mar 2013 12:19 GMT
Election of Latin American pontiff has caused jubilation, but religious leaders say he must reinvigorate the faith.
15 Mar 2013 01:57 GMT
First Latin American pontiff warns that troubled Church could "end up a compassionate NGO" unless it undergoes renewal.
15 Mar 2013 15:04 GMT
We examine the political, cultural and religious impact of the Latin American pope's ordination on the region.
15 Mar 2013 18:27 GMT
LGBT community shares mixture of optimism and scepticism as first Latin American leads Catholic Church.
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Many slum dwellers in the Argentinian capital benefited from charity work of the newly elected pontiff, Francis.
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The role of pope Francis and the Catholic church during Argentina's military dictatorship is under scrutiny.
A Chinese government-backed church has ordained a new bishop without the Pope's approval.
Vatican watchers will often remind journalists of the saying: "He who goes into conclave a Pope, comes out a cardinal".
Could the next head of the Catholic Church come from outside Europe?
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Conclave to pick next Pope coincides with two large sporting events and Easter celebration.
Staunchly Catholic nation sees congregations shrink to all-time lows in aftermath of scandals.
Next Pope faces challenge to modernise a faith that many believe is out of touch with the modern world.
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