As PRI wins, Mexico looks forward to its past
Analysis: Riding to victory on a longing for earlier stability, Nieto will need to crack down on drug violence.
Pena Nieto 'wins Mexico presidential vote'
Young face of Mexico's oldest party faces immense challenges as exit polls suggest victory for PRI.
Nieto: New face of Mexico’s oldest party
Charismatic Enrique Pena Nieto, 45, promises to bring his PRI party back to power after 12 years.
Cartels cast shadow over Mexico polls
Speculation rife over role of criminal syndicates as country votes for new president amid continuing drug violence.
Monopolies 'scamming' Mexican voters
World's richest man Carlos Slim owns much of Mexico’s communications industry, and critics say he is hurting consumers.
A return of Mexico's 'perfect dictatorship'?
Once dominant party is poised for a comeback in upcoming elections, but critics say it would mean return of graft.
From ordinary residents to drug traffickers, Jesus Malverde's shrine is a major draw for those seeking favours.
By Chris Arsenault
In the heartland of the most infamous cartels, it is unemployment which is of most concern to many voters.
By Chris Arsenault
Major banks are getting rich from money laundered by violent Mexican drug gangs, whistleblower says.
By Chris Arsenault
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Enrique Pena Nieto leading polls by 10 to 17 points as official campaigning ends before Sunday's presidential vote.
Despite drug gangs, corrupt cops and spiralling violence, people attempt to live normal lives amid chaos in Juarez.
Conservative ruling party's Josefina Vazquez Mota emphasises role as mother first, politician second.
Critics say government failed to address decades of poverty that fuelled growth of narcotics trade.
Vazquez Mota, trailing in effort to succeed Felipe Calderon, ties rivals to past corruption in final debate.

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