03 May 2013 16:58 GMT
Malaysia's opposition leader sprints through the final stages of a campaign that has brought him to the brink of power.
03 May 2013 21:27 GMT
What role are online networking platforms playing in the country's upcoming election?
26 Apr 2013 15:04 GMT
Ahead of Malaysia's polls, the prime minister explains why he thinks defeat would be a 'disaster' for his country.
19 Apr 2013 15:31 GMT
Facing a raft of domestic issues, can Malaysia's government weather a growing opposition onslaught to win the elections?
04 Apr 2013 15:22 GMT
As the nation prepares for polls, we ask if the opposition leader can shake off years of allegations and controversy.
Kate Mayberry 02 May 2013 17:44 GMT
In the name of change and hope, a convivial, cross-ethnic group digs in to make a statement.
02 May 2013 17:12 GMT
Like the polls themselves, determining whether "scandal fatigue" will manifest at the ballot box is too close to call.
27 Apr 2013 12:45 GMT
As Malaysia heads to the polls, efforts are underway to move the country beyond a race-based system.
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Upcoming parliamentary elections could unseat long-ruling coalition and take the Southeast Asian state in new direction.
Failure to unseat country's ruling coalition raises questions about future role of opposition heavyweight Anwar Ibrahim.
Both sides of Malaysia's polarised political divide feel confident of election victory.
Survey by polling organisation says voters still undecided and election too close to call a day before voting begins.
Ruling coalition and Prime Minister Najib Razak launch populist counter-attack in opposition-held areas ahead of vote.
Claims that deep-rooted ties between ruling party and agencies conducting election mean unfair contest.
Both sides launch campaigns optimistic about their chances, but critical May 5 election promises to go down to the wire.
Malaysia has few curbs on electoral fundraising, and politicians often use public resources to promote themselves.
Remote communities rely on opposition radio station to expose issues including illegal logging and river pollution.
An insight into the life of Ida, a young woman trying to survive in Kuala Lumpur's red light district.
Move paves way for long-anticipated general election late this month in what is expected to be a tightly-contested race.
General election, expected to be closest in country's history, now set for May 5 with campaigning to begin April 20.
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