Libya Speaks: Sentiment Mapping

The battle for federalism in Libya's east
Federalists in the east voice their discontent as the country's first elections in four decades approach.
Q&A: UN special envoy for Libya Ian Martin
Al Jazeera speaks to head of the UN Support Mission in Libya about elections, security and the country's future.
The 'Military Knights' of Misrata
Two days before Libya goes to the polls, Al Jazeera asks former NTC fighters if their sacrifices have been worth it.
Building Libya's new media 'from a void'
After decades of being under authoritarian rule, the country's media struggles to find a free, independent voice.
As anger grows over the slow pace of reform, we ask if the transitional government can handle the shift to democracy.
By Inside Story
Inside Story examines reports of atrocities committed during the final weeks of battle and asks if these were justified.
By Inside Story
We ask if the interim government can assert authority amid claims that rebels are torturing suspected Gaddafi loyalists.
By Inside Story
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Al Mahmoudi Al Baghdadi, Muammar Gaddafi's last prime minster, says he is not guilty of crimes against his people.
Hundreds of armed protesters enter local election commission to demand more seats for eastern city in July 7 elections.
Anticipation takes hold of newly freed nation as first democratic elections in over four decades start on Saturday.
In first democratic election in over 40 years, 2,500 candidates stand for 200 seats in the General National Congress.
Government sends military to stop clashes between rival armed groups that have killed 16 people.
More than 15 deaths reported in country's west and south as transitional government struggles to maintain security.
Election official announces new date for vote to select members of body that will draft national constitution.
Violence in southeastern city of Al Kufra erupts between Tibu and Zwai tribes, underscoring wisespread security issues.
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Across the country, Libyans explain via text message their thoughts about the first free election in more than 40 years.

Here's what we asked our respondents, translated from Arabic: Al Jazeera would like to know: Will you take part in the July 7 elections and why? What do you hope to achieve in these elections? Please add your name and location in the answer. Thanks.

Click to view the map in a larger window. (Messages on map show true respondent location only if hometown was included in the response.)

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