Rival political and armed groups continue to fight for power, as analysts say Libya could slip into civil war.
Libya's newly formed parliament is struggling to build legitimacy as rival militias battle it out in Tripoli.
Armed fighters have backed the return of Libya's previous parliament, as the country's political crisis deepens.
As fighting escalates in Libya, Al Jazeera takes a closer look at the major armed groups.
The United Arab Emirates is accused of secretly bombing Tripoli with the help of Egypt.
Fighting between rival militias threatens to push the country towards collapse.
Rallies have been held in Tripoli and Benghazi, both for and against the new parliament.
Scores of people have been killed in Libya as violence ramps up.
Borders and embassies are closed as neighbours assess the impact of the latest violence.
People and Power investigates how migrants trying to reach Europe fall into the hands of Libya's militias.
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Evacuated embassy compound in the capital raided as fighting rages among rival militias in the North African country.
Conflicting reports emerge over the crash of fighter jet belonging to militia forces of General Khalifa Haftar.
Government of Abdullah al-Thinni steps down amid fighting between rival militias in the capital, Tripoli.
Warning comes as UN Security Council adopts resolution to tighten arms embargo and place travel bans on militia leaders.
Libya's uprising: Three years on


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