10 Mar 2013 15:06 GMT
Kenya's prime minister details claims of election rigging in aftermath of bitterly contested poll.
09 Mar 2013 16:42 GMT
Charges of crimes against humanity brushed off at the ballot box by defiant voters.
and 08 Mar 2013 13:14 GMT
More women than ever before will take seats in the next parliament, but equal representation is a still a long way off.
08 Mar 2013 10:42 GMT
Although country's streets remain calm, tension is undeniably rising as the country awaits election results.
03 Mar 2013 13:53 GMT
Dismissing the violence that followed Kenya's previous election as mere 'tribalism' is too simplistic an explanation.
06 Mar 2013 23:25 GMT
Next president unlikely to be revealed for some time yet - a far cry from the 48 hours predicted before votes were cast.
02 Mar 2013 16:22 GMT
Kenyans in the nation's capital speak to Al Jazeera about their candidate of choice as election day nears.
01 Mar 2013 14:59 GMT
After violence left more than 1,100 dead last vote, Nairobians are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.
04 Mar 2013 15:43 GMT
Disputes over land are said to be root cause of ethnic tensions that many remain wary about during latest elections.
26 Feb 2013 11:49 GMT
Election dynamics set for sea change as televised grilling of presidential hopefuls captures popular imagination.
18 Feb 2013 07:26 GMT
Satirists, cartoonists and graffiti artists have a field day as politicians eye elections scheduled for March 4.
21 Sep 2012 12:02 GMT
Spate of attacks in eastern region has left 110 dead, raising questions as to who is stoking the fire.
What are the issues?
Despite the deaths of 1,400 people following the 2007 vote, security reform has been slow, say Kenyans.
Economic disparities are one legacy of the colonial era, but such social divides can be politicised - and militarised.
Despite optimism surrounding Kenyans, fears surrounding unemployment and economic injustice remain.
Kenyans cannot afford to be caught off guard by the aftermath of this election, warn activists.
Can the election be a gateway to a new Kenya, leaving behind tribal violence and introducing truly grassroots democracy?
Residents of Nairobi's Mukuru slum are going to court to demand the end of forced evictions.
Special programmes
22 Feb 2013 00:57 GMT
Kenyans are gearing up to vote, but has the country recovered from the last election's violence?
17 Jan 2013 11:31 GMT
As Kenya prepares to hold elections in March, we ask if politicians are stirring up tribal rivalries for political gain.
The Cafe 21 Dec 2011 08:44 GMT
What do Kenyans think about unity and identity after an election in 2007 sparked violence along ethnic lines?
17 Oct 2012 12:46 GMT
Can an award-winning Kenyan photojournalist set his camera aside and build a movement to fight political corruption?
17 Jul 2012 09:17 GMT
Nairobi's matatu drivers are generally despised and feared, but one driver dreams of beginning a new life.
07 Jan 2013 22:27 GMT
Kenyans on Twitter ask #WhyNairobiWasRanked2nd.
More News
Police fire teargas at supporters as the defeated presidential contender files legal objection at the Supreme Court.
Rahema Abdul-Rahman, a key figure in Raila Odinga's election bid, explains why they're fighting the announced results.
A widespread and sustained campaign for peaceful elections really seems to have permeated Kenya's political bedrock.
Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta declared poll winner with 50.07 percent of vote, as rival Odinga says he will contest result.
Prosecutors say they have "no objections" to moving trial to August, giving election front-runners temporary reprieve.
Activists say gender quotas for parliament need to be enforced ahead of national elections in March.
New tech platforms raise expectations for free and fair polls in March in a country blighted by post-poll violence.
Final result expected by 0800 GMT, but tight race raises prospect of runoff and both sides allege voting problems.
Widespread technical failure and thousands of spoiled ballots prompt complaints of voting irregularities.
Presidential hopefuls clash in last televised debate before next week's election, the first since disputed 2007 vote.

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