As Ramadan is observed with religious fervor, preparations to mark last phase have begun in India-administered Kashmir.
Nearly 40 percent of over 200,000 orphans in India-administered Kashmir are victims of armed conflict.
Once the scene of furious artillery shelling, Neelum Valley in Pakistan-administered Kashmir is enjoying peace dividend.
Police drop sedition charges against students suspended from Indian university for cheering Pakistan cricket team.
University kicks out at least 66 students, who briefly faced sedition charges, for cheering for Pakistani cricketers.
Five soldiers dead after member of counterinsurgency force opens fire in military camp before killing himself.
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Man-animal conflict is on the rise in the Indian-administered region with losses on both sides.
General Bikram Singh says army must stay and have special powers in view of possible "terrorist spill-over" into region.
Three reported killed in violence northwest of Srinagar, the second such battle in the past two weeks.
India plans to build a separation wall in the Himalayan region, but rebels have warned against such a move.
The traditional portable fire-pot in Indian-administered Kashmir keeps people warm during harsh winter months.
Decades of conflict have produced many ‘half-widows’ whose husbands have disappeared but are not declared deceased.
Kashmir's inherent beauty remains undiminished despite years of conflict that has swept the region.
Residents on each side of the Line of Control endure shelling near their homes almost daily.
Behind the towering willows, Kashmir's cricket bat industry is a living, breathing symbol of the conflict.
Report says more than 2,000 bodies found buried in unmarked graves, believed to be victims of the separatist revolt.
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